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About me

About Me

I am a medical doctor who works fully in product development and design in the digital health and games for health space. My specialty is in the medical design of digital health products, digital therapeutics, and games for health or serious games. I utilize my background in clinical medicine, product development, and design to work with development teams and translate important concepts of both health and design to create the most effective and engaging health solutions. I am also a speaker for digital therapeutics and games for health companies and an opinion leader for games for health on the internet, where I host my YouTube channel, Digital Doc Games, dedicated to exploring the connection between health and games. 

Health Design Content Creation
Digital Health Product Design 

 Speaker  Digital Therapeutics

Games For Health Consulting 

 Serious Games Mental Health

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I advise digital health, games for health, & AAA gaming companies in health design

I work with companies to inspire new product development and design by offering a rich understanding of user (i.e. patient, provider, player, etc) behavior and needs with a focus on creating engaging content that keeps the user coming back for more.  I act at the intersection between the product, development, design, and research/medical (if applicable) teams to ensure the needs of your users/clients are being brought to life across all aspects of the product. 

Engaging designers, engineers, and health stakeholders in user research requires important (and often challenging) acts of translation. In my experience, this translation is often the difference between a good product and a great one. I am a hybrid thinker adept at both clinical and design thinking: someone who can have a conversation with a patient, provider, client, or whoever else and translate the key takeaways for what is relevant to the design process. My passion is utilizing immersive technology or games and directing that design process to improve health and wellness. 

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Clients & Collaborations

I create digital health products and games for health. I've created a remote patient monitoring application to allow diabetes providers to easily remotely monitor their patients that is currently being used for over 1,000 patients. I've worked with companies like Akili Interactive and Level Ex on the design of their medical games for education and treatment. My work at these companies have included development changes both small and large, everything from the ideation and development of new products, to consultation on existing products and advisory roles. I've also worked with AAA game studios and publishers like Team 17 to ensure optimal representation of health and mental health content in their games for entertainment. 

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